On October 31, Weichai Power Westport New Energy Engine Co., Ltd., the first joint venture company in China to produce high-power in-Cylinder direct injection and pressure gas engines, was born in Weichai. This joint venture company, which is led by the world's advanced high-pressure direct injection technology, will specialize in the production of high-power heavy-duty vehicles and new energy engines for urban buses. It was jointly established by Weichai Power Co., Ltd., Westport Innovation Co., Ltd. and Pei Xin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong. Its birth has created a precedent for China's high-power new energy green engine. At present, the construction project has broken ground and the first phase will invest 20 million U.S. dollars, and the design program will annually produce 10,000 high-power high-speed engines for new energy vehicles.

The use of more advanced technologies to promote the production of green and environmentally friendly engines is the actual action of Weichai Power's implementation of the scientific concept of development. Over the years, Weichai Power has been committed to ecological civilization, and its level of technological research and development has been at the forefront of China's internal combustion engine. At the same time, Weichai Power is the project undertaker of the Chinese government's new energy engine science and technology research project. With strong production and technical capabilities, it has established internationally renowned companies such as Woodward, Witco and AEC in the new energy gas engine field. Extensive cooperation. Through continuous independent innovation, it has developed and manufactured WT618, WT615 and 226B series CNG, LPG and LNG engines on the basis of the Austrian Steyr WD615 and German Deutz 226B series diesel engines, with power coverage of 70 to 280 kW, meeting 6~18. All types of buses, as well as supporting requirements for light, medium and heavy trucks, meet Euro III and Euro IV emission standards and are exported to many countries and regions.

Canadian Westport Innovations is committed to research, development and promotion of high-performance gas engines and fuel systems. It is recognized as a world leader in gas fuel engine technology (natural gas and hydrogen). Its core high pressure direct injection (HPDI) technology is particularly suitable for the development of high-power (220kW or more) gas engines with a capacity of over 10 liters, which can effectively reduce the harmful substances such as NOX, CO2 and particulates while maintaining the high efficiency and high performance of diesel engines. emission.

It is based on Weichai Power's superior brand advantage in high-power engines and its strong R&D, sales capabilities and marketing network. Westport has taken the first step of cooperation with Weichai after making a full investigation and verification. Weichai Power is also the only joint venture partner of Xigang Corporation in China.

After the completion of the project, this new energy engine with direct injection technology in the cylinder will bring a technological innovation to the traditional spark plug ignition gas engine. The three parties of the joint venture stated at the signing ceremony that the new energy engine has advanced power technology and high added value. With the further implementation of China's environmental protection policy, the project has a good development prospect. The three parties will work together to create the largest enterprise supporting the world's high-power high-speed heavy trucks and other new energy power vehicles.

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