The general requirements for ventilation with a sublevel caving mining method are as follows:
(1) In principle, press-in ventilation should be used to reduce air leakage. When the downhole negative pressure is not large, a single press-in type ventilation can be used; when the negative pressure is large, the press-in type mixed draft ventilation should be adopted.
(2) The horizontal layer of the electric raft should be the focus of ventilation. The ventilation system of the horizontal layer of the electric raft is directly connected with the total ventilation system of the whole mine, so that the fresh air flow directly enters the horizontal layer of the electric raft.
(3) The direction of fresh airflow through the electric roadway must be opposite to the direction of the antimony ore. The wind speed should be above 0.5m/s to quickly expel guns, dust and other harmful gases, and achieve the purpose of cooling. Rock drilling wells and diverticulum should also have fresh air flow as much as possible, so that the working conditions of rock drilling and charging are improved.
(4) All intra-pulse acquisition systems should be avoided. Because it is difficult to form a formal ventilation system.
(5) If the minefield has a large area and the ventilation is more complicated, a special ventilation shaft and roadway project should be set up.
Ventilation arrangement employed to Yimen copper ore mine ventilation system plant at three example, 21-43 as shown in FIG. Its characteristics are:

Figure 1 Ventilation system of the three mines of Yimen Copper Mine
1-intake shaft; 2-intake roadway; 3-divide well; 4-segment electric level horizontal layer upper plate contact roadway;
5-segment electric level horizontal layer lower plate communication roadway; 6-two-segment electric level horizontal layer upper plate contact roadway;
7-two-segment electric level horizontal layer lower plate communication roadway; 8- five-stage transportation level; 9-six-stage transportation level;
10-South return air well; 11-Central return air well; 12-North return air well; 1 # ~8 # - Mining area return air well

(1) The fresh air that the main fan presses is not the first to enter the stage transportation level, but is sent to the inlet airway between the stage transportation level and the electric level horizontal layer, and enters the upper level of the electric level through the divided wind well. The roadway is divided into various electric roadways. In this way, not only the effective air volume of each electric roadway is increased, but also the series connection along the strike direction is avoided.
(2) The lower level of the electric raft horizontal layer is connected to the roadway, and the closed roadway is not connected. This forms a parallel ventilation system for the return air of the central air inlet zone, and the two wings are also equipped with auxiliary fans. Adjust the air volume.
(3) The ventilation of the stage transportation level is based on the local fan or the damper to divide the wind from the main airflow, and the dirty wind is in the return airway through the outer disk of the lower disk to the upper part.

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