UV accelerated aging test chamber common faults and solutions

The UV accelerated aging test chamber will have one or the other problems in daily operation. The following solutions are available:
1. The UV lamp does not light up.
The UV test mainly relies on the UV lamp to illuminate the product, so the UV lamp source is very important. In order to ensure the stability and uniformity of the light source, we choose to use imported light source, such as American Q-Lab, or ATLAS, but it can't To ensure that there is no problem at all, we know that BMW is good, but there are also after-sales, the same reason.
When the UV lamp is in use, sometimes the lamp point is not bright, and sometimes it is bright, which seriously affects the test. Mainly because the fluorescent ultraviolet accelerated aging test chamber generally uses electronic ballasts, and the electronic ballasts are wired. Therefore, some cases are not handled well because of the details of the manufacturing process, which leads to an unreliable hidden danger in the connection of the lamp corner to the electronic ballast. In the future use, of course, intermittent off-line, poor contact, etc., manufacturers should focus on improving some defects.
2. UV lamp two hair black.
Mainly because the lamp head of the UV lamp is tungsten, its melting point is 3410 ° C. When we light the lamp, the temperature is between 2000 and 3000 ° C, the filament will not melt, sublimation will occur, then the sublimated tungsten vapor When the tube wall is solidified into solid tungsten, it turns black, and the filament of the ultraviolet tube is at both ends of the tube, so only two ends turn black. When the UV lamp begins to turn black, it needs to be replaced. Therefore, in order to better extend the life of the lamp, Xiaobian recommends not to start and turn off the lamp frequently. According to the standard, the lamp should not be turned off within 3 hours after the lamp is turned on.
3. UV sink rust wear.
The water tank of the UV accelerated aging test chamber is used to hold water for heating to simulate a natural night condensing environment. Since the sink is made of stainless steel, when using the equipment, the user must add deionized water, that is, distilled water, according to the standard of use, because if tap water is used. After the equipment is used for about 3 years, the water tank will be corroded due to the water and water, and the water tank will rust until the sink is rusted.
On the other hand, we all know that the heating tube is made of stainless steel tube filled with magnesium powder. If the user uses tap water instead of deionized water in order to save small cost, the heating tube will be soaked in tap water after long-term high temperature. The stainless steel that causes the surface of the heating tube is corroded and rust is present, which is not worthwhile due to small loss.
4. The instrument has a high failure rate.
The instruments of the UV accelerated aging test chamber are installed on the equipment, so there is a problem: when the equipment is heating (sometimes a test will be done for a few days, even weeks, the laboratory temperature can reach 60 ° C) and Some laboratories do not install air conditioners, and the hot air is rising upwards, so the meter will suffer from high temperature for a long time. In this high temperature environment, the instrument is prone to failure.

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