The Australian research team used light nanotechnology to conduct related chip research work. This breakthrough research method has obviously brought great help to the optical field. The reason is that in the field of black hole research, scientists have always had the problem of lack of breakthroughs. Now with the help of nano-optical chips, we can make a deeper and more systematic judgment on the nature of the black hole and the evolutionary criteria to ensure the research. The results made progress in accuracy.

This chip can use the actual transmission of information to conduct systematic data processing and data recording, so that scientists can achieve a multiplier effect in the research field. With the aid of the angular momentum of the light, the speed of the control operation and the level of the forward operation bring about the achievement of an accurate rate of achievement for the overall creation of information.
Professor Gu, who is the head of the Australian team, carefully designed the photonic chip and applied the nano-grooves and apertures to ensure that the light can be manipulated more easily.

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