Recently, the China Automobile Industry Association released the automobile production and sales data, the first half of 2009 car sales growth trend, total sales reached 600 million, growth rate of over 15%, and showed an upward trend month by month. The micro-vehicle market is even brighter. From January to June, the cumulative production and sales volume of mini-vehicles was 926,600 units and 935,500 units respectively, a cumulative increase of 55.18% and 54.46% year-on-year, which is the biggest bright spot in the commercial vehicle market. The high growth of production and sales has brought unprecedented opportunities for development to the mini-vehicle market. However, more and more brands and product series are bringing people wonders and wonders. What micro-vehicle products are needed in the market? In this regard, the reporter visited the relevant industry experts.

Industry: Hot market driven car enthusiastic

It is undeniable that the rapid growth of the mini-vehicle industry and the collective outbreak of car companies this year have come from the concentrated release of market demand, especially under the stimulation of favorable policies such as the “ car to the countryside ” introduced by the government this year , the market cake has become bigger and bigger. A grand feast attracted the princes of all walks of life.
“There are two main reasons for the high growth of the mini-vehicle market this year. First, the financial crisis has led to an increase in employment pressure in urban and rural areas. Individuals and private owners and farmers are more willing to start businesses and have a greater demand for mini-vehicles; the second is ' The new car and replacement benefits brought by the “car to the countryside” policy have enabled the potential demand in the rural market to be gradually explored. Therefore, in addition to the traditional micro-vehicle companies continuously striving to expand the market and expand production capacity, more and more passenger vehicles, especially autonomous Brand companies also ignited the enthusiasm of investing in micro-cars, and they have spent huge sums of money all over the country setting up micro-vehicle bases.” In an interview, an auto expert told reporters.
The old enterprises are poised for development, the newcomers are ambitious, and the development prospect of mini vehicles is limitless. According to relevant statistics, in the next few years, the total annual output of domestic microcar companies may exceed 4 million vehicles.

Enterprise: Innovative Ideas Meet Market Challenges

With such a large expansion of production capacity and the market structure of the hegemony, how should micro-car companies face? Without financial subsidies and policy support, how can the micro-vehicle market continue its fiery situation?
“At present, there are three major characteristics of the mini-vehicle market: First, from the market share, the pattern of 'two big ones and three small' tends to be stable, Wuling and Chang’an keep their positions, and Hafei, FAW Jiabao, Dongfeng Xiaokang and Changhe continue to pursue breakthroughs. Second, new products and technologies are continuously updated. For example, Wuling and FAW Jiabao rely on a strong R&D team to provide rich choices for mini-vehicle users. Third, users are more affected by the spread of manufacturers when selecting mini-vehicles. There is no clarity on how to choose a truly good car,” said a veteran automotive expert. “The new entrants have sounded the alarm for the market. If microcar companies want to achieve sustainable development, they must do it in technology, management and marketing. Breakthroughs in innovation require the establishment of new standards to lead the market.”
In the interview, many people in the industry stated that with the further maturation of the micro-vehicle market and the prominent need of rational consumers, the entry of new competitors will help promote industry upgrading, and will also promote the competitiveness of mini-vehicle companies. The relevant person in charge of FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. told the reporter that from the past few years, the micro-vehicle industry has been in a steady state of sustained development. With the development of the rural economy, the rural market has tremendous room for growth. At present, FAW Jiabao is closely following the market to develop products and strive to build a good sales and service network to meet market challenges.

Users: Need more car standards

But can not be ignored is that in the face of high-growth markets and a wide range of micro-car brand, how to choose the right micro-car products become a major confusion in the minds of consumers?
"Actually, many users nowadays choose products based on brand awareness or some local features, which are limited. From the perspective of the use of micro-vehicle users, there are three main considerations when buying a car: The chassis is the decisive factor for the overall carrying capacity, safety and comfort of the mini-vehicle, whether the chassis is good or not, directly determines whether the car is good or not, and secondly, the body, the structural design of the body determines the safety performance and the loading space; For mini-vehicle users, the performances that are of great concern, such as loading weight, heavy starting, fuel consumption, etc., must all be reflected by the engine. Buying mini-cars is mainly focused on these three aspects. In a very vivid word, it is 'a The center, two basic points' - the chassis determines the performance of the vehicle, is the center; the body and the engine are very important to the performance of the vehicle, is the basic point. "Said Mr. Wang, an automotive marketing professional.
It is worth mentioning that the upcoming mid- to high-end micro-fabric FAW Jiabao V70 embodies a full range of requirements for micro-vehicle users: a new generation of undercarriage system, the front suspension using A-arm Mack's suspension system With the addition of a subframe structure, the vehicle's safety, handling stability and smoothness are comparable to those of non-ordinary mini-vehicles. At the same time, it also exclusively uses high-intensity body technology from Japan, which can meet the world's highest level of collision regulations; Its high-performance engine has strong power and fuel economy. At the same time, FAW Jiabao V70 also gathers many experts' wisdom. It adopts a flat bed floor and a narrow involute method to maximize the cargo space and has leading bearing capacity. The most valuable is that while carrying excellent performance, V70 presents new highlights in dashboards, seats, interiors and other aspects, and comfort is commendable.
Some experts boldly predicted that mini vehicle sales will exceed 2 million vehicles this year. The Jiabao V70, which is built on the potential of the FAW Technology Center, will likely change the image of traditional mini vehicles in the minds of users and establish standards for the next generation of microblogs.


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