As of June 17, 2007, daily oil production in the well DK6 in the West Daria oilfield in the Tahe River doubled from 13 tons to 5 tons. This result shows that the pumping of small pumps in the West Dalia Oilfield Get a breakthrough.

Well DK6 is a low-productivity and low-productivity, poorly-supplied old well in the west Dalia oilfield of the Tahe. There are some difficult to salvage objects in the wellbore. As a result, the oil group and the lower oil group of the well can not be exploited although they have certain potential but are currently being mined Are poorly-developed Triassic upper oil-bearing reservoirs, which can produce 5-6 tons of oil per day but have serious problems of insufficient liquid supply, with a submergence of less than 200 meters.

As the current production interval has been carried out large-scale reservoir reconstruction operations, no further transformation potential, the only way is to increase the liquid supply capacity through deep pumping. After engineering and technical personnel through careful calculation and software simulation, the final determination into the 38mm tube pump, pump hanging deepen to 3012 meters program.

May 2, 2007, this well after the pump to deepen the pump hanging operation, up to now has been normal production for more than a month, the current Nissan liquid 17 cubic meters, 13 tons of oil stable production, subsidence remained at 500 meters, Pump efficiency reached 70%.

The successful application of DK6 deep well pumping technology has provided valuable experience for the further application of the Daxia Daliya Oilfield in the deep pumping of small pumps.

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Land - Base Lower Voltage Generator

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Land - Base Lower Voltage Generator

Alternator Low Voltage,Land - Base Lower Voltage Generator,Customised Generator,High Grade Low Voltage Generato

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