The selection of main equipment and auxiliary equipment for ore dressing equipment on the ore dressing production line should mainly consider the specifications and model of the equipment. The selection of such equipment needs to follow certain principles, so as to improve the comprehensive production efficiency of the beneficiation production line. General principles for the selection of equipment for mineral processing equipment:

(1) The main equipment should be selected from domestic and foreign advanced and reliable products with mature production experience, requiring energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

(2) According to the scale, try to select large equipment to reduce the number of series (sets) to save floor space, save investment, reduce operating expenses and increase labor productivity.

(3) According to the physical and chemical properties of the ore, material size, water content, mud and other factors, equipment suitable for material characteristics should be selected.

(4) The equipment load rate selected for the upper and lower operations should be balanced, and the equipment type specifications for the same operation should be the same.

(5) In order to ensure the operating rate of major equipment, the equipment associated with it shall be given a certain number of spare parts according to actual needs.

(6) The selected equipment must be reliable, easy to operate, simple to maintain, and reliable in spare parts.

(7) The selected equipment can adapt to fluctuations in production and there is room for it.

(8) When selecting the main equipment, pay attention to the auxiliary equipment to match it.

The bearing of the ore dressing equipment bears the entire load of the machine, so in a large relationship, the bearing life is well lubricated, which directly affects the operating rate and life needs of the machine. Therefore, the lubricating oil is injected cleanly, and the mineral processing equipment requires the injected lubricating oil. Clean and seal must be good. Secondly, the machine should avoid collisions to ensure that the machine is clean and not to collaborate with corrosive chemicals. Finally, routine inspection and reinforcement of mineral processing equipment should be recorded, including not only past records, maintenance, and change records, but also daily usage and workload records, in order to analyze and judge mechanical failures, and eliminate faults in a timely and accurate manner. Hidden dangers.

  The welding back caps and the valve stems is also the important parts in the tig welding torches .They are all used in the torch bodies .The back caps have two :the Long Back Cap and the short cap .The valve is used in the valve torch body .It also have a protection .The back caps have several series :the 41V,the 57Y ,the 56Y .The valve stem just have two ,the VS-1,VS-2 .The customer can choice based on their need .

Back Caps & Valve Stems

Tig Back Cap, Short Back Cap, Long Back Cap