Business News Agency September 27th Recently, Yizhang County and China Pacific Construction Group Co., Ltd. jointly developed a contract signing ceremony for investment in infrastructure construction held at Hongdu Hotel. At the signing ceremony, Ouyang Feng, deputy secretary of the county party committee and acting governor of the county, signed the letter of intent on behalf of the witnesses and the chief expert of the Huaying CEO CEO Arrow Organizing Committee and founder of China Pacific Construction Group Yan Jiehe.
China Pacific Construction Group Co., Ltd. will adopt the BT model to participate in the second-phase infrastructure construction project of the Industrial Park of Yizhang Economic Development Zone, the infrastructure project of the Fluorine Chemical Recycling Industrial Park, and the Yizhang County Urban Solid Waste Landfill Project. The total investment of the project is RMB 435 million, covering the earth and rock formation of the two parks, the park roads, the pipe network project and the greening, beautification, street lighting and other projects, as well as the domestic waste landfill, the infiltration liquid processing station and other ancillary facilities.
Pacific Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the country's largest private enterprise focusing on infrastructure investment and construction. It is the only company in China that has two first-class qualifications for national road and municipal engineering and multiple professional qualifications. Private Enterprise.
The signing of the letter of intent for cooperation was prompted by the introduction of the municipal party committee's United Front Work Department, marking a substantial step in the strategic cooperation between Yizhang County and Pacific Construction Group Corporation, which will benefit my county in the context of the international financial crisis. While achieving new breakthroughs in economic development, we will upgrade and improve the city’s urban infrastructure supporting functions, accelerate the pace of industrial acceptance, and achieve diversified industrial development, which will drive private enterprises to buck the trend. This will be a new approach for the construction of Yiyiyiyouyiju. Open up a new situation.
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