During plant growth, the leaves play an important supporting role in their growth. In general, in plant physiology research, the research on plant leaves is mainly concentrated on leaf area measurement and chlorophyll determination. Both leaf indexes can be measured by professional instruments. The former uses laser leaf area meter and the latter uses chlorophyll meter. The common advantage of using instrument measurement and analysis is that it saves time and effort. This article mainly introduces the laser leaf area meter.

Laser leaf area meter

The name of the laser leaf area meter is derived because it uses the principle of photoelectric conversion and is similar to laser scanning. In the process of measurement and use, we hold the laser leaf area meter to scan the blade. When the uniform light source illuminates the frosted glass of the instrument, it will make it into a uniform astigmatism and bright surface due to diffuse reflection, and then image the photocell on the photocell. The photocurrent is indicated by the micro-ampere meter. When the measured blade is placed in front of the uniform light, the area of ​​the bright surface is reduced accordingly, and the generated photocurrent is reduced. The ratio of the area of ​​the measured leaf to the area of ​​the bright surface is equal to the reduction of the photocurrent and the bright surface. The ratio of the generated current, the measured leaf area size can be directly displayed by the display frame of the leaf area meter, and the rapid measurement is performed to visually display the effect of the measurement result.

In agricultural production, many measures to increase production are achieved by appropriately increasing the leaf area of ​​crops and improving the photosynthesis effect of crop leaves. Therefore, the application of scientific instruments such as laser leaf area meter promotes the application of science and technology. Scientific research personnel provide technical support for quickly and accurately obtaining indicators such as plant physiology and ecology. On the other hand, the important role is to promote the application research of scientific research data and improve the transformation of scientific research data. The use of this modern scientific way to develop production not only changes the backward appearance of artificial experience in the past, but also significantly improves the level of modern agricultural planting management technology, which is of great significance for promoting the development of green agriculture and precision agriculture.

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The cleaning machine is a fully automatic continuous double-station cylinder head (cylinder) cleaning equipment, with advanced structure, high production efficiency, clean and so on. It is mainly used to clean the air passage, oil passage, water passage and exterior of cylinder head (cylinder block) after machining line, air drying, and remove chips and waste oil. In the process of cleaning the workpiece, there is no need for manual assistance, and it moves forward to the end of the cleaning step in turn (there are two workpieces in each workstation during the cleaning process).
The cleaning machine includes upper and lower workpiece mechanism, workstation conveying mechanism, cleaning mechanism, blowing and drying mechanism, sewage treatment device, self-lubricating mechanism, water mist collection mechanism, liquid level alarm device, etc.

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