Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., as a national designated fixed pyrethroid pesticide production base, has successfully developed nearly 30 new products such as beta-cypermethrin, perprothrin, deltamethrin, and bifenthrin, all of which have reached the international level. Advanced level, 20 of which filled the domestic gap. With the dual advantages of scale and technology, Yangnong Chemical has become the second largest pyrethroid supplier in the world and has won the right to compete in the international sanitary insecticidal market.
According to reports, Yangnong Chemical was established in 1999. The company has always been aiming at international counterparts, insisting on creating a combination of innovations and actively implementing a technological strategy that spans independent innovation.
First, through technological innovation, the production of raw materials to achieve all localization, get rid of the key raw materials of pesticides subject to the situation in foreign countries, and become the only Chinese in the chrysanthemum industry can achieve complete self-supporting intermediate companies.
The second is to overcome key technologies and enhance core competitiveness. Yangnong Chemical created many firsts in the development process: the first application of biotechnology in China's chrysanthemum field, successfully mastered the technology of bio-enzyme splitting secondary alcohol. In China, we took the lead in mastering a new type of high-efficiency splitting technology to overcome the problem of the complete separation of chiral compounds from cis-reverse, and to achieve the full integration of the intrinsic quality of our domestic pyrethroid products with the international advanced level.
The manuscript is collated by China Chemical Network
It is reported that by substituting imports of foreign similar pyrethroid products, Yangnong Chemical has saved the country more than US$300 million in foreign exchange for the past three years, and has also earned US$47 million in foreign exchange for exports.
In the next 3-5 years, Yangnong Chemical will strive to develop and strengthen the pyrethroids and rejuvenate the national chrysanthemum industry, vigorously develop green and environment-friendly pesticides, promote the upgrading of China's pesticide industry structure, and narrow the gap with the international advanced level. The first is to accelerate the development of high-efficiency new varieties and extend the new bionic pesticide industrial chain. The second is to accelerate the adjustment of product structure, develop fine chemicals with advanced world standards, form a product group that covers chemical, pharmaceutical, and pesticide fields, and apply for more than 10 invention patents. By 2010, it will strive to achieve the company's pesticide production scale at the domestic level, with the total sales of health-related pyrethroids being the largest in the world, and the R&D expenditure rate of companies reaching 8%. In addition, it will speed up the pace of new industrialization and realize zero discharge of waste water. It will become a modern integrated pesticide chemical company with reasonable structure, advanced technology, significant benefits, and good growth.

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