The reporter was informed on November 26th that the 12-speed transmission invention patent of Fast was authorized by the Ukrainian Patent Office, which marked a major breakthrough in the internationalization of the intellectual property rights of Fast. At the same time, the core technology of another transmission new product of Fast was also granted the invention patent by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The patent application of 12-speed transmissions abroad is the first step in the internationalization of Fast in intellectual property rights, which signifies that the core technology of Fast 12-speed transmission is protected in the authorized country, highlighting Fast's technology in the industry. Its leading position has won wider space for development in participating in domestic and foreign market competition.

In recent years, while Fast has accelerated the pace of product science and technology R&D and technological innovation, it has continuously increased product patent technology reporting and intellectual property protection. The company's Patent and Trademark Office and the Technology Center have planned and worked closely together and have applied for a batch of high-quality, high-level patented technologies. Up to now, Fast has been authorized more than 40 patent projects, ranking the leading position in the domestic industry.

In order to fully arouse the enthusiasm for innovation of scientific and technical personnel, the Patent and Trademark Office of the Patent Office has continuously improved the management mechanisms while increasing the intensity of patent application work. It has also formulated the “Administrative Measures on Awards for Service Invention Patent Awards” to encourage the majority of scientific and technical personnel and the entire The employees boldly innovate and dare to practice, and take practical actions to promote the rapid development of the company.

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