I. Needs analysis
With the rapid development of social economy, the comfort and safety of the living environment has become the first choice for people to live. The importance of the access control system in a safe residential environment has received increasing attention. At present, the access control system in China is mainly based on card devices, fingerprint devices or password settings. These identification methods require personnel to operate at close range. When the user's hands are occupied, it is extremely inconvenient. At the same time, there are also problems such as loss or forgetting of cards or passwords, hidden dangers of copying and theft, and high costs. Fingerprint recognition, which was cracked by the fingerprint jacket on the Internet, made the “password” even more confusing. How to make the residential access control system truly realize security, intelligence, and convenience has become the most desired thing for all citizens. At this time, the advent of face recognition access control system has truly solved the management of households entering, exiting, and visiting visitors. It also forms effective high-security management for the security of the community and buildings.
II. Solution
Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information. Its uniqueness and good properties that cannot be easily copied provide necessary prerequisites for identity identification. The face recognition access control system is a combination of face recognition technology and access control system, through the recognition of the face as the key to access control. It not only avoids the trouble of forgetting to bring a key or a card, but also saves a lot of costs because the face recognition access control system does not need any media to open the door, such as personnel changes do not need to replace door locks, keys, IC cards, etc. The face can be registered; in addition, the face recognition access control system can also set the access permission according to the access personnel, including different time periods and different access points.
In the residential access control application, the face recognition access control system has always been more advantageous than the IC card with “recognition card not recognized” because of its simple operation, safety, convenience, intelligence, and features that can be used indoors or outdoors. Face recognition technology has been widely used in customs, finance, airports, and enterprises in recent years. Some experts further pointed out that the era of comprehensive application of face recognition has arrived and he will become an important technology that facilitates people's daily life.

Heavy Calcium Carbonate

It can be prepared by directly crushing natural calcite, limestone, chalk, shell, etc. by mechanical methods (using Raymond mill or other high-pressure mill). Because the sedimentation volume of heavy Calcium Carbonate is smaller than that of light calcium carbonate, it is called heavy calcium carbonate.

Heavy calcium carbonate is abbreviated as heavy calcium. It uses high-quality limestone as raw material and is processed into white powder by a lime mill. Its main component is CaCO3. Heavy calcium has the characteristics of high whiteness, good purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition. Heavy calcium is usually used as a filler. It is widely used in daily chemical industries such as artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, papermaking, coatings, paints, inks, cables, construction supplies, food, medicine, textiles, feed, toothpaste, etc. Increase the volume of products and reduce production costs. Used in rubber, it can increase the volume of the rubber, improve the processability of the rubber, play a semi-reinforcing or reinforcing role, and can adjust the hardness of the rubber.

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