The European Union decided on the 24th to impose a five-year formal anti-dumping duty on seamless steel pipe and aluminum foil from China. The tax rates were as high as 39.2% and 30% respectively.
The formal anti-dumping duty applies to seamless steel pipes with a round cross section and an external diameter of no more than 406.4 millimeters, in addition to aluminum foil products. The formal anti-dumping duty is implemented after the expiration of the six-month temporary tariff, which will take effect from the date of publication in the official EU publication. The relevant publication will be published before October 8.
In addition, the European Union also decided on the same day to impose a five-year formal anti-dumping duty on aluminum foil from Brazil and Armenia. The tax rates were 17.6% and 13.4% respectively.
Although European Union leaders have repeatedly promised to oppose protectionism, this year the European Union has successively implemented so-called anti-dumping actions on imports of steel wire rods, sodium gluconate, seamless steel tubes and aluminum foil from China. In response, the Chinese government expressed its strong opposition.
As early as the EU announced on April 8 this year that China imposed imperial anti-dumping duties on seamless steel tubes, Chinese Ministry of Commerce officials said on April 9 that the EU imposes provisional anti-dumping duties on Chinese seamless steel tubes solely on the grounds of damage. It sent a wrong signal to the industry and hoped that the European Union would terminate the anti-dumping investigation on Chinese seamless steel tubes as soon as possible. The provisions of the World Trade Organization's anti-dumping agreement on the threat of damage are very strict and must be based on facts, not just based on allegations, speculations and minimal possibilities. The damage caused must also be clearly foreseeable and imminent. China opposes the EU's free use of the damage threat criteria for trade remedy investigations.

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