On December 21st, it was learned from the safety and environmental protection department of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Body Factory that the total amount of COD (chemical oxygen demand) emissions of the body plant in 2009 was reduced by 20% on the basis of 2005, and was successfully completed by the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company. Emission reduction indicators.

It is understood that Dongfeng commercial vehicle body factory mainly through three measures to achieve emission reduction targets: First, strengthen wastewater discharge management, control of wastewater discharge, reduce the concentration of wastewater discharge. We will concentrate the discharge of waste water for approval and discharge it in strict accordance with the technological regulations. The second is to improve the operation procedures of wastewater treatment processes, enhance the awareness of staff in reducing emissions, and guide the wastewater treatment operators to timely adjust the dosage of the pharmaceuticals according to the changes in water quality. The COD concentration is controlled below 350 mg/L. The third is to reduce wastewater discharge through technological progress.


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