Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally issued the “Regulations for the Administration of Fuel Consumption of Light Vehicles” (the “Regulation”). From January 1, 2010, all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a mass below 3,500 kg were Must paste "Car fuel consumption logo." By then, consumers will be able to immediately know the true fuel consumption of the vehicle, which means that the theoretical fuel consumption of fig leaf will be lifted.

New car needs to paste three kinds of working conditions fuel consumption

It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has stipulated regulations for the detection, filing, publication, supervision and punishment of automobile fuel consumption labels, and it is planned that from January 1, 2010, all passenger vehicles with a maximum total design mass of 3,500 kg and light weight When commercial vehicles are sold, they must affix “Car Fuel Consumption Logo” and indicate the fuel consumption of the urban, suburban, and comprehensive conditions determined by the national designated testing agency in accordance with the unified national standards.

At the same time, imported automobiles must also be affixed with fuel markings after a unified inspection, and ensure that the automobile products have three kinds of fuel consumption labels when they are sold. In addition to this, carbon dioxide emissions must also be recorded. The new technologies adopted by vehicles to improve fuel economy are also indicated in the information filing section, which will facilitate the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by the state.

Focus on combating "theoretical fuel consumption"

This indicates that the “theoretical fuel consumption” that has been used by automobile manufacturers for many years will never return. From the implementation of the “Regulations”, new cars that are in compliance must be affixed with “real fuel consumption” measured according to national standards before they leave the factory.

It is understood that before the national government has not interfered with the automobile fuel consumption label, the fuel consumption label of the vehicle is the “theoretical fuel consumption” that the manufacturer labels on its own, and the owner found during the actual operation that most of the actual fuel consumption is greater than the marked “theoretical fuel consumption” value. In the case of asymmetric information, consumers tend to be fooled by the "theory" data of "low fuel consumption vehicles."

Analysts believe that even if the newly posted "fuel consumption logo" still can not accurately calculate the fuel consumption value within a certain distance, but at least it can enhance the consumer's trust, and give them a more scientific basis for reference, in the future manufacturers The situation of ultra-low fuel consumption will also have some convergence.

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