The DF9062 shaft vibration monitor is a precision relative vibration amplitude measuring instrument. It is equipped with HN800 eddy current sensor to measure and monitor the radial relative vibration or swing of large shafts or rotors of rotating machinery such as steam turbines and fans. . It has alarm and stop control signal output, and has a universal interface for current output, which can be connected with computers, DCS, PLC systems, paperless recorders and other equipment.
The main function is the radial vibration of the shaft of a rotating machine such as a steam turbine, a water turbine, a compressor, a blower, and the monitoring and protection of the swing.
Function Description:
1. Display function vibration, swing measurement value, I value alarm, and II value alarm setting value, which can be displayed on the LED digital tube.
2. Alarm function When the vibration exceeds the alarm set value, the alarm indicator lights, and the switch signal is output on the rear panel to protect the monitored equipment.
3. Alarm delay time setting function The alarm delay time adjustment range is 0~3 seconds to prevent accidental alarm caused by on-site interference.
4. The self-diagnosis function has the function of power-on and power-down detection, and disconnects the alarm output circuit at the same time, which can effectively suppress the false alarm of the meter.
5. The output interface is equipped with a current output interface, which can be connected with computers, DCS, PLC systems, paperless recorders and other equipment.
Technical Parameters:
1. Input signal: HN800 eddy current sensor system, frequency response: 0~10KHz
2. Display mode: Three and a half LED digital tube display, accuracy: ±0.5%
3. Measurement range: 0~800um
4. Current output: 4~20mA load? 500Ω
5. Power output: -24VDC
6. Alarm contact capacity: AC220V/3A, DC28V/3A
7. Working environment: Temperature: 0~55°C Relative humidity: ≤95%
8. Working power supply: AC 220VAC±10% 50Hz Power consumption ≤10W
9. Installation method: Disc type
10. Machine size: 160 (width) × 80 (height) × 160 (length) mm.
Dual Channel Turbine Shaft Vibration Monitor - Intelligent Shaft Vibration Monitor
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DF9062 shaft vibration monitor
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