Financing leasing is not uncommon in the fields of construction machinery and office supplies, but it is relatively rare for the automotive industry. In the financial crisis environment, will this "I provide vehicles, you only pay rent," will be favored by commercial vehicle manufacturers and operators? Judging from the current situation, bus companies and heavy truck users have already adopted leasing to purchase cars, and bus companies will also provide financial leasing services.

Bus companies learn from each other

“The company has difficulties in operating and we have to try all kinds of measures. After that, we have selected financial leasing.” Recently, Yang Tianming, general manager of Xi’an Public Transport Corporation, told the “Commercial Automotive News” reporter: “The 80 million yuan is already in place. More than 600 new buses were leased, and the current total of 130 million yuan in funds and purchased vehicles are all in place."

It is understood that from September 2007 onwards, Xi’an has implemented a 50% discount for adult IC cards and a 30% discount for students, and the amount of credit is second only to Beijing. “The continuous rise in fuel prices since 2008 has brought about increasing pressures for bus operation costs. Coupled with the financial crisis, the bus company has been unable to accumulate sufficient funds to meet the vehicle renewing demand,” said Yang Tianming. To this end, in May 2009, the Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Finance made a bridge and finally promoted bank-enterprise cooperation. The financial leasing project is the first single business carried out by the Bank of Communications and Banking Leasing Company in Shaanxi. According to the agreement, the Bank of Communications leased 130 million yuan to buy new bus vehicles, and the bus company leased vehicles to the bank. After the lease expired, the vehicle was owned by the public transportation company.

As a new way to solve the financing difficulties of public transport companies, financial leasing has gradually emerged in the bus industry. Hangzhou Public Transport initiated a financing lease for car purchases. Thousands of cars were acquired through leasing; Tianjin Public Transport raised over 300 million yuan in 2006 and leased 2,000 buses. Li Daoxin, deputy general manager of Tianjin Public Transportation (Holdings) Co., Ltd., told reporters that at present, Tianjin buses are still using this method of car purchase. Judging from these years of experience, financial leasing has played a catalytic role in accelerating the speed of bus updates, improving the quality of vehicles, and expanding public transportation services. When asked why this method was chosen, Li Daoxin said: “Finance lease is only a channel. As long as we can accelerate the development of the company, we will consider various ways, and this approach is also more effective.”

Judging from the current situation, more and more public transport companies have started to choose financial leases, such as Harbin Bus and Yinchuan Bus.

Crisis activates heavy truck leasing industry

In addition to the bus industry, companies that provide vehicle leasing have also emerged in the heavy truck industry. "In the first half of this year, Shanghai Tongyue Leasing Co., Ltd. has completed the lease performance for the entire year of 2008." Bao Zhongyi, Zhejiang Tongyue Industrial Co., Ltd. told reporters. (Before, Zhejiang Tongyue was a subsidiary of Shanghai Tongyue Company and engaged in leasing business. At present, Shanghai Tongyue has set up a special office in Zhejiang due to business expansion.)

Bao Zhongyi believes that under the influence of the financial crisis, two factors have activated the truck leasing industry: “On the one hand, the impact of the financial crisis has made banks more cautious in granting loans, and it has become more difficult for users to purchase loans or pay in installments; On the other hand, some truck drivers think that the risk of loan purchases under the current financial environment is relatively large, so they chose to rent.” He told reporters that the main customers of leasing are concentrated in small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are also a large number of retail investors.

With respect to general loans, the ownership of a finance lease is initially vested in the leasing company. Users only need to pay rent, but at the beginning they still need to pay 30% to 40% of the amount. "To a certain extent, this can increase the user's liquidity, and the burden on users in the initial period is relatively small." Bao Zhongyi said.

Does this mean that the risk of leasing is relatively small? Bao Zhongyi denied this statement. He told reporters that before the company also encountered some emergencies, such as tenants can not afford to pay the rent can not afford, and then there was a car accident, resulting in the destruction of vehicles. “When we choose a tenant, there are still many requirements. For example, inspecting the user’s credit, we must have a special guarantor, etc. This is also our means of controlling risks.”

"In foreign countries, truck leasing is not unfamiliar, but in China, there are not many companies that offer heavy truck leasing," said Bao Zhongyi. As of the end of 2008, Shanghai Tongyue had accumulated nearly 5,000 vehicles for lease, with a total lease amount of nearly 1.5 billion yuan. The brand covers heavy truck, Shaanxi Auto, Futian, Jiefang, Dongfeng, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Jianghuai and Hualing.

For users, financial leasing provides the convenience of capital flow. For dealers and companies providing leasing services, they can benefit from fees, interest, insurance, and a range of ancillary services.

Bus companies personally "rent rent"

It is precisely because users are more and more interested in this model, bus companies have also taken aim at the financing lease project. This is news recently heard by reporters. It is understood that China University is very interested in such financial services. The reporter received a positive reply from Ji Lijun, manager of Zhongda Motor Planning Department.

Ji Lijun told reporters that the company recently learned from market surveys that due to the poor economic environment, the circulation of funds from some passenger transport companies and public transport companies has become somewhat tight. "This gives us the idea of ​​providing financial leasing." He told reporters that bus companies provide financial leasing two major advantages: First, there are banks backing the support; Second, bus companies own passenger cars, no outsourcing, relative For third parties that provide leasing services, the cost of car purchases is saved. It is understood that the financial leasing service of Zonda Bus will be launched in the near future. Users will begin to obtain the right to use the vehicle through payment of rent. After the lease is over, whether the user owns the ownership of the vehicle or if the enterprise repurchases the bus, there are many options.

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What is a financial lease?

Financing leases, also known as equipment leasing or modern leasing, refer to leases that in essence transfer all or most of the risks and rewards associated with ownership of assets. Ownership of assets can eventually be transferred or not.

Its specific content refers to the lessor’s specific requirements for the leased item and the choice of the supplier according to the lessee’s choice. The investor shall purchase the leased item from the supplier and lease it to the lessee for use. The lessee shall pay the rent to the lessor in installments. In the lease term, the ownership of the leased item belongs to the lessor, and the lessee has the right to use the leased item. When the lease expires and the rent payment is completed and the lessee fulfills the full ministry of obligations in accordance with the provisions of the financial leasing contract, if the ownership of the lease item is not agreed or the agreement is unclear, the agreement may be supplemented; if the supplementary agreement cannot be reached, the lessee shall comply with the relevant provisions of the contract or Once the trading habits are determined, it is still uncertain that the ownership of the leased property belongs to the lessor.

Financial leasing is a new type of financial industry that integrates finance and financing, trade and technology renewal. Due to the combination of financing and financing, when a problem arises, the leasing company can recover and handle the leased property. Therefore, the requirements for corporate credit and guarantee are not high when the financing is handled, so it is very suitable for SME financing. In addition, financial leases are off-balance-sheet financing and are not reflected in the company's financial statement liabilities and do not affect the credit status of the company. This is very beneficial for SMEs that need multi-channel financing.

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