The correct choice of chemical protective clothing should consider five elements.
The first is the manufacturing materials for chemical protective clothing. At present, there is no chemical protective clothing that can block all types of toxic chemicals. If improperly selected, it can cause the fabric of the protective clothing to age rapidly or the poison to quickly penetrate and harm the wearer.
The second is the structural form of chemical protective clothing. For toxic and hazardous substances such as gases, steam, aerosols and dust, chemical protective clothing with airtight or airtight properties should be used. For the protection of non-volatile liquids and solids, it is generally unnecessary to consider the airtightness or sealing performance of the garment.
The third is environmental factors. If there is a chemical hazard in the environment, but the type of chemical substance and the degree of hazard are unknown, the built-in heavy-duty chemical protective clothing with high protective ability should be used; for high-toxic poisons or high-concentration poisons, heavy chemical protective clothing should be used; However, if the working space is relatively narrow, consider using an external heavy-duty chemical protective suit; in the case of flame and poison hazards, fire and chemical protective clothing should be used; in addition to the poison hazard, there are also risks of friction, thorn, cutting, etc. Use heavy-duty chemical protective clothing that is resistant to wear, cuts, and stabs. Chemical protective clothing should be used when there are many poisons or hazards.
The fourth is the operation status. When the working environment temperature is high and the working intensity is high, you should consider the use of breathable chemical protective clothing, or chemical protective clothing with self-cooling function, or optional refrigeration clothing.
The fifth is the human factor. Mainly consider whether the clothing fits and whether the workers are in good physical and mental state. Especially for people wearing fully enclosed heavy chemical protective clothing, there are high demands on physical and psychological conditions.

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