At 14:38 on October 23rd, the domestic first set of 600MW supercritical unit boiler flue gas denitrification device designed, supplied and commissioned by Dongfang Electric Corporation Dongfang Boiler passed the 168 hours at Huadian Changsha Power Plant. At full load, the first 600 MW green environmental protection power plant in China to achieve simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification environmental protection facilities was officially completed and put into operation.

While maintaining the advantages of large-capacity, high-parameter, low-coal-fired 100 to 300 MW circulating fluidized bed boilers and 600 megawatts of subcritical, supercritical unit boiler development, design, and manufacturing, Dongbu actively promotes the use of power station boilers. , green environmental protection industry and the development strategy of millions of kilowatts of nuclear power equipment and the development strategy of combining the introduction of technology, independent development, the development of boiler flue gas desulfurization, denitrification and other environmental protection equipment, has completed a number of limestone with EPC way --- gypsum Wet desulphurization and seawater desulphurization projects have passed national environmental protection acceptance.

In accordance with the specialization, serialization and complete set of ideas to promote the development of environmental protection industry in Dongbu, at the end of 2004, Dongfang and KWH of Germany established a joint venture named Chengdu Dongfang Katerui Environmental Protection Catalyst Co., Ltd. to realize the production and manufacture of the flue gas denitration catalyst for power station boilers. Localization has reduced the cost of denitrification in power plants.

The 2×600 MW supercritical unit boiler project of Huadian Changsha Power Plant designed and manufactured by Dongfang Boiler Co., Ltd. is the key project during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period in Hunan Province, the first environmentally friendly green power plant in China to simultaneously build desulfurization and denitrification facilities, and is also the first batch of Huadian Group. Construction of an environmental demonstration project for desulfurization and denitrification.

Since the start of construction on December 26, 2005, the Dongfang has fully utilized the advantages of the flue gas denitrification provided by the boiler manufacturing enterprises in the design of the boiler, and can design and design the denitrification device at the same time. It adopts the selective catalytic reduction introduced by the German Lurgi Energy Environmental Protection Company. In the flue gas denitration technology, the SCR reactor is arranged between the boiler economizer and the air preheater. Under the action of the catalyst, the nitrogen oxide pollutants produced in the flue gas are converted into harmless nitrogen and water.

The successful operation of the boiler flue gas denitrification device for the 600 MW supercritical unit of Huadian Changsha Power Plant demonstrated that the Dongfang Boiler has the design, supply, commissioning and catalyst manufacturing capabilities of the boiler flue gas denitration system, achieving large capacity, high parameters, and low pollution. Thermal power plant flue gas denitrification environmental protection industry technology and equipment domestic "zero" breakthrough.

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