The first winner of the “Mayor Quality Award” in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province--the FAW Liberation Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (hereinafter referred to as Xichai) has achieved another great success recently: by the end of June, Xichai has achieved excellent results with a production and sales volume of over 172,000 units. Output and sales increased by 11% and 13.5% respectively year-on-year. In the first half of 2009, production and sales volume of Tin Chai increased month by month, and records were set several times to create a new historical level.

It is understood that from January to June this year, Xichai has made new progress in various aspects such as market sales, product development, quality improvement, productivity improvement, management innovation, party building work, strategic research, key project promotion, and corporate culture construction. In the first quarter of the year, the market rebounded month after month and ushered in the golden season of sales. In the first quarter, the production and sales of diesel engines reached 70,000 units and achieved a good start. In the second quarter, Xichai began to work on six key areas, namely, grasping the pulse of the market, intensifying market development, strengthening the refitting business, and increasing the market share; advancing technological advancement and accelerating technological optimization; meeting market demand and ensuring high quality and high output; Activities, improve enterprise management; highlight sales promotion, reduce costs, and protect corporate profits, which effectively promoted the work, so that the second quarter has achieved better results and has reached a new height.

The reason why this success was achieved in the context of the global financial crisis stems from the fact that Xichai has continuously enhanced its transformational drive and has strived to turn the “challenge period” into a “elevation period”. When the market was attacked by the “cold stream”, it actively carried out activities such as rationalization proposals and labor competitions, provided advice and suggestions, and brainstormed difficulties. In March and June this year, during the full-scale labor competition of the “Tougher, self-reliant, win-win, and double-duty” campaign conducted by the Xichai factory in March and June this year, a group of advanced collectives and individuals emerged. Five departments and 15 teams have made special contributions. In the team award, 30 employees won the special contribution individual award. Plant leaders often in-depth production and market to understand the situation, enhance employee confidence, and further stimulate their enthusiasm to overcome difficulties and creativity, so that production and sales continue to refresh records, effectively promote the company's sustained, stable and healthy development.

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