The existence of any hidden dangers and the occurrence of accidents have their causes. The existence of hidden dangers in open pit mining accidents is mainly due to the indifferent legal concept of mine owners and employees, the lack of safety awareness, the lack of safety investment, and the low quality of personnel.

To solve the many hidden dangers in open pit mining, and to fundamentally eliminate and reduce the accident rate, we should start from the following aspects:

First, we must strengthen the legal education of the mine owners and improve their legal concepts. It is necessary to conscientiously publicize and implement the "Safety Production Law", "Mineral Safety Law" and "Safety Regulations for Mines", so that the mine owners can understand the law and engage in mining activities in accordance with the requirements of legal regulations.

The second is to strengthen safety education and strive to improve the safety awareness of employees. To carry out safety common sense education, we must also carry out case education and use blood lessons to persuade and perceive practitioners.

Third, it is necessary to enforce safety investment and standardize the mining environment. It is necessary to set the alarm device and the escaping house (hole) according to the regulations; the erection of the mining area line should conform to the specifications, the aging wire should be updated in time, and the distribution box should be set as required, and the replacement of the broken distribution board is prohibited; the use of scrapped vehicles is prohibited. And mechanical equipment, and shall declare safety inspection according to the regulations; the protective equipment for operators shall be fully equipped; the slope of the mining face shall be controlled within the range of 70 ° to 75 ° as required by the specification; the yam shall be leveled in time; the topsoil of the top of the raft shall comply with the regulations. Requirements should generally be maintained at more than 2 meters, and advance with the mining progress; the work site should be rationally used according to the requirements, the piled materials should be cleaned up in time, the site water should be removed in time; the production of noodles and buildings, roads, etc. Leave a sufficient safety distance (should be above 300 meters). Every time the blasting of the shovel (risk) stone must be thoroughly cleaned; the length of the blasting fuse must meet the requirements of the specification, reaching 1.2 meters or more. In addition, the mines are mainly required to report the environmental safety inspections in time according to the regulations. In addition to the annual inspections, major dangers should be reported at any time in order to scientifically eliminate hidden dangers.

Fourth, we must improve the quality of relevant personnel and prevent them from doing a good job. The person in charge shall receive relevant safety knowledge training and obtain the "Minister's Safety Qualification Certificate"; the operator shall participate in relevant professional training according to the type of work, obtain the corresponding "Special Operation Personnel Operation Certificate", prohibit unlicensed employment and illegal operations. To lay the foundation for radically eliminating the savage work.

Fifth, we must increase safety supervision and prevent problems before they happen. Mining enterprises are generally remote, relatively hidden, and difficult to monitor. It is precisely because of this that some people with indifferent legal concepts are timid, as long as the money does not kill, and the regulations are behind the scenes, so that fatal accidents occur frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the supervision of mining enterprises and force them to mine and standardize operations according to law.

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