Recently, Sichuan Bangli Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. developed and produced a 185-ton mining type and earth-type large-scale full-hydraulic excavator with independent intellectual property rights, which filled the gaps in the domestic market and became one of Sichuan's science and technology industrial enterprises and the country’s “863. "Science and technology projects enterprise.
Bangli was formerly the Yangtze River excavator factory. After the transformation in 2003, the company insisted on relying on scientific and technological innovation to develop differentiated and personalized products based on market demand. In recent years, the successful development of 65-ton, 75-ton, 100-ton, 125-ton, and 185-ton mine-type and earth-type large-scale full-hydraulic excavators and various types of material handling machines has become a success. The only company that can develop and produce 40-185-ton full range of hydraulic excavators and grab steel machines and scrapers.
(Source: Sichuan Bangli)
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