Adding Value for Road Traffic Voith Turbo Torsion Dampers Extends Driveline Life

With the increase in new engine torque (especially at low speeds), as well as improved combustion processes and reduced weight, the driveline vibrations are exacerbated. In addition to vibration and noise, wear and vehicle stability issues have also emerged. Measurements at the output also fully illustrate this development, such as higher engine speed, low viscosity transmission oil, and high peak torque generated by power shifts.

Hydrodamper - Voith Turbo offers advanced solutions for damping driveline torsional vibration. Through close cooperation with the vehicle and transmission manufacturers, the excellent vibration isolation capability of the hydraulic torsional vibration damper fully guarantees economy and operational comfort.

Adding Value for Road Traffic Voith Turbo Torsion Dampers Extends Driveline Life

The hydraulic torsional vibration damper is installed between the engine and the power shift or automatic transmission and can be connected to the vehicle's transmission system through a coupling scheme between the driving disk or the driven disk, such as a center flange or a cardan shaft. In the normal running of the vehicle, the vibration control transmitted from the engine side is achieved through a dual-stiffness spring system; if there is a large amplitude unbalanced condition (starting, parking, etc.), and a large shock load due to shifting Through the unique hydraulic damping structure to avoid the transmission of vibration to the transmission, or from the transmission to the engine. Due to the use of heat-resistant damping oil or grease, excessive vibration energy at high temperatures can also be effectively eliminated.

The characteristics of the Voith Turbo damper (Hydrodamper) make it a preferred solution for the commercial vehicle industry to guarantee the reliability of the entire drive system:

1, no traditional friction damper adhesion, slip phase, supple buffer;

2. The damping effect can be adjusted according to the different working ranges via the torsion angle, gap geometry and medium viscosity.

3. The damping effect is proportional to the driving speed, which means that there is a higher damping effect at high frequencies and large amplitudes.

4. Vibration reduction is achieved through wear-free hydraulic damping

Hydraulic torsional vibration dampers are widely used in tractors, construction machinery, city buses, and rail vehicles. In the public transportation field, combined with Voith's DIWA automatic transmission, it ensures the high attendance of vehicles and improves fuel economy. In the field of tractors, the wear of the drive trains in poor conditions has been reduced and the system life has been extended; it has become a standard product of many large international tractor manufacturers, such as John Deere, New Holland, Saimai Road, Izfar, etc.; It has already cooperated with domestic tractors and agricultural machinery manufacturers, such as a drag and five levy.

Dr. Su Mingyue, President of Voith Turbo Technology Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., stated that in China, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with Chinese users with the most reliable technology and the most suitable product design and services for the Chinese market. Increase investment in China. Voith Turbo Torsion Damper makes Voith Hydraulic Drive System more comprehensive and competitive. Voith Turbo Torsion Shock Absorber has just been accepted by customers since it entered the Chinese market. This will not only help domestic agricultural vehicles improve transmission efficiency and reduce vibration, but also improve reliability and performance stability, and effectively expands. Agricultural vehicle market space.

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