According to the China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, in 2006, China Minmetals Chemical Products encountered 39 new cases of foreign trade protection, 22 chemical products were involved, accounting for 51%, and the total amount involved was US$8.1 billion. Product related to 226 million US dollars, accounting for about 20%; in the 10 cases closed, 7 chemical products, accounting for 70%, the case of winning and retaining the market accounted for more than 70% of the total number of closed cases.

Chen Haoran, chairman of the China Minmetals Chemicals Import & Export Chamber of Commerce, said that the number of new cases involving chemical products last year was relatively large, but the amount involved was relatively small, mainly concentrated on the products of some small and medium-sized enterprises, and the impact on the entire industry was not great. This shows that in recent years, the Chamber of Commerce and chemical companies have continuously strengthened international exchanges and eliminated some possible trade frictions through dialogue. The power of discourse of Chinese companies has been significantly enhanced.

According to reports, of the 10 cases that were closed last year, there were 7 cases involving chemical products, which mainly included activated carbon, furfural (furfural), EPDM, pentaerythritol, hanging white blocks, aluminum phosphide, and tires. President Chen Haoran said that the chemical industry is a disaster-stricken area. In recent years, the Chamber of Commerce and chemical industry associations have taken various coordinated measures to standardize the chemical trade order. During the negotiations, the power of discourse of Chinese chemical companies was significantly enhanced, and the possible trade frictions were eliminated through dialogue. For example, citric acid is one of the largest single chemical products exported by China. The export volume accounts for 70% to 80% of the total output. However, China's citric acid enterprises have been anti-dumped by the United States, Thailand, Ukraine and other countries, resulting in export obstruction. In 2006, in response to the EU citric acid industry’s move to revert to anti-dumping in China, the Chamber of Commerce and chemical companies promoted the status of China’s citric acid industry through international exchanges and introduced Chinese citric acid companies in reducing environmental pollution and improving social responsibility. All kinds of efforts have played a positive role in the anti-dumping investigation of the inhibition of citric acid.

The Chamber of Commerce stated that in order to reduce international trade frictions, it is necessary to actively promote self-discipline in enterprises and emphasize the implementation of social responsibility and fair competition while changing the mode of foreign trade growth. This year we plan to implement corporate social responsibility standards in chemical products such as citric acid and glyphosate. In response to the implementation of the new EU Chemicals (REACH) system this year, the Chamber of Commerce will give full play to the information transfer function and help companies seek solutions. The Chamber of Commerce will also study the feasibility of setting up an office in the EU.

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