In 2016, the export volume of titanium dioxide in China reached 720,000 tons, and the monthly export reached 70,600 tons, and the overall growth of titanium dioxide exports maintained a record high. In recent years, the average monthly export price of titanium dioxide has rebounded from 1,472 U.S. dollars per ton in February 2016, and it has reached 1966 U.S. dollars per ton in January 2017. The significant increase in the export volume of titanium dioxide in China stems from the contraction of production capacity in foreign countries and the improvement of product quality. The future is promising. The market price of titanium dioxide is that the price of titanium concentrates continues to rise, and the cost of titanium dioxide is supported. Since the beginning of 2016, the increase of titanium dioxide has exceeded 50%. Because about 90% of the downstream titanium concentrate needs for the titanium dioxide industry, the recovery of titanium dioxide demand has become the main driving force for this round of titanium concentrate price increase.

900series when the Submersible pump is used to produce oil, the impeller is rotated in the guide wheel by motor, so that the pressure in the bearing space decreases, thus the oil is extracted. We can make the products of different lift, flow, efficiency and material according to the customer's demand. Our company has become the supermarket of the domestic and foreign leaf guide and submersible pump accessories.

900series Impeller And Diffuser

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