On April 12, 2017, the 2017 Fashion & Auman EST Super Truck Launching Conference with the theme of “Technology encounters fashion trends without boundaries” was held in Shanghai. Sponsored by the Ministry of Transport of China, co-organized by the Vocational Qualification Center of the Ministry of Transport and the China Communications Newspaper, the 2017 China High-efficiency Logistics Truck Open hosted by Foton Daimler Automotive was officially launched; at the same time, the Foton Daimler Automotive teamed up with China. The “Aulman Truck Man Scholarship for Public Welfare Project” jointly launched by the Next Generation Education Foundation was officially released; this means that Foton Daimler Motors has taken a more solid step in exploring and improving the professional skills of Chinese truck drivers and implementing corporate social responsibility. One step.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase truck open competition to promote the efficient development of logistics and transportation

In August 2016, the Ministry of Transport issued "Several Opinions on Promoting Structural Reforms on the Supply Side to Promote the Reduction of Cost and Increase Efficiency of the Logistics Industry." The Opinions pointed out: Transportation is the basic link of logistics and the carrier to optimize transportation services. Supply capacity and level have a positive effect on improving logistics efficiency and reducing logistics costs. It is necessary to step up efforts to promote the “cost reduction and efficiency increase” of the logistics industry and improve the quality and efficiency of the development of transportation logistics.

The 2017 China High Efficiency Logistics Truck Open aims to further promote the reform of the transportation supply side, promote the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the logistics industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry, advocate the application of standardized models in the logistics industry, and better publicize the Ministry of Transportation and Transportation to practice safety and energy conservation. The driving philosophy is to achieve the call for green and efficient transportation. For the industry, the 2017 China High Efficiency Logistics Truck Open is an industry competition aimed at improving the efficiency of logistics transportation, reducing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions, and promoting the green and efficient logistics industry. The development has triggered the battle of the blue sky in the transportation sector. For enterprises, the 2017 China High-Efficiency Logistics Truck Open takes the Auman EST Super Truck as its racing vehicle, relying on its super-smart, super fuel-efficient, super safe, and super-efficient. Product advantages allow users to experience the super value of super trucks in efficient transportation through competitions, minimize the logistics costs of enterprises, and create a new ecology of logistics and efficient transportation. For users, through the open truck race, users in the areas of “hook-and-hitch transportation, hazardous chemicals, cold chain, express delivery, and industrial product transportation” were further improved. Through comprehensive competitions such as fuel consumption, ratio of attendance, and TCO, comprehensive Improve driving skills.

The 2017 China High-Efficiency Logistics Truck Open will be held in all key logistics hubs in Shanghai, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, Shenzhen, and Beijing. The competition subjects will include two areas: field-skilled driving and actual road-driving; through the Efficient Logistics Competition The driver carries out driving training, combines the correct operation mode, erroneous operation warnings during the operation of the driver in the specific driving link, and how to properly deal with unexpected situations during the driving process, helping the user to find a solution quickly and accurately. In order to help it improve economic driving, it also ensures safe, efficient, and timely completion of transportation tasks, thereby cultivating qualified and regulated drivers for the logistics and transportation industry. The competition will build bridges for communication between countries, companies, and users regarding green and efficient operations, triggering more logistics companies to pay attention to the advancement and upgrading of high-end trucks in China, further promoting the high-end transfer of China's manufacturing industry and advancing supply-side reforms. Provide a strong stamina. It is reported that the winners of this competition will not only obtain the qualification certificates issued by the Vocational Qualification Center of the Ministry of Transport, but also have the opportunity to exchange skills with European truck drivers.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Communications, China has more than 15 million road freight vehicles and 30 million truck drivers, carrying 76% of the society’s cargo volume and 33% of cargo turnover. The road freight industry is a transportation industry. One of the largest sub-sectors with the largest number of employees and the largest number of employees and contributions.” Cai Yuhe, party secretary and president of the China Communications News, stated that “at present, the actual loading rate of road cargo trucks in China is less than 60%, which is far below 80% in developed countries. 95% level, therefore, to promote the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the logistics industry, we must start from the supply side, constantly adjust and optimize the supply structure, reduce the ineffective supply, expand the effective supply, strengthen the supply of high quality, and implement accurate supply, to create an integrated transport service upgrade Provide strong supply guarantees."

At present, Foton Daimler Automotive has established a complete training experience system. Through the establishment of a professional driving training coaching team to carry out driving training activities, and entering the company to provide full-time driving skills training for the team's customers, it helps the team to train excellent heavy-duty drivers and fleet management personnel, achieve fuel-efficient driving, reduce fleet operating costs, and improve users. Operating income. At the same time, Auman TCO Yun Ying Bao provides customers with the lowest total operating cost of the entire life cycle of the vehicle, enhances operational efficiency, and helps users optimize operating costs from the four aspects of “buying a car, using a car, managing vehicles, and maintaining a car”. Improve transport efficiency, truly maximize returns, and bring value to lifecycle operations.

Caring truck driver Auman EST super truck carries public interest

At present, there are nearly 30 million people engaged in trucking in China. They use the cab as their home and travel around the roads across the country. They rarely have time to reunite with their families and silently support the operation of the logistics system in our country. The mission of economic development is to transport large arteries for healthy circulation. The truck driver running around day and night, the children in his home are worried about their driving. The children of truck drivers need more care and love from society. In order to solve the worries of truck drivers, Foton Daimler Motors extended its love to the truck driver's family. By caring, caring for and caring for their children, they took on the social responsibility of Foton Daimler as a corporate citizen.

Fukuda Daimler Automotive and the Next Generation Education Foundation of China established the Auman Truck People Scholarship for Public Welfare Program. It is a public welfare aid program for the next generation of education for truck drivers. It will be used for children of truck drivers who have excellent academic skills. Learning grants; Fukuda Daimler Automotive provides high-end, high-quality products to help users achieve efficient transportation, while also providing truck drivers with warm family care. "The Auman Truck People Scholarship Program aims to care for the next generation of truckers. It inherits the charity spirit of 'love for the sake of love,' and immerses love into each truck's family. It is for truck drivers' children. Send love and warmth to let the children live in a caring environment,” said Mr. Keller, Secretary General of the China Next Generation Education Foundation's Love Express Special Fund.

As a leading company in China's commercial vehicle industry, Foton Daimler has a user community of one million people and knows the status quo of truck drivers. For a long time, Futian Daimler Automotive has always been at the forefront of the industry in supporting national and social public welfare undertakings, as well as supporting disaster areas, donating funds for education, and supporting the economic development of poverty-stricken mountainous areas. At the same time, for truck drivers, a series of charity actions such as “caring for truck drivers” and “caring for left-behind children” have been initiated, and corporate social responsibilities have been implemented through practical actions. Fukuda Daimler Automotive always adheres to the charity concept of “Carry forward with charity and warm love with friends” and calls for more people to extend their love hand and allow love to live forever.

The launch of the 2017 China High-Efficiency Logistics Truck Open and the Auman Truck People Philanthropy Program has injected new impetus for the continued love of truck drivers at Daimler Daimler. Foton Daimler has provided vocational skills training and efficient driving training. As well as caring for the children of truck drivers, mutual assistance and common love, the truck drivers can be efficiently operated. In the future, Foton Daimler will continue to use its super trucks to provide supply-side reforms, use high-end transportation equipment to drive the efficient development of the logistics industry, and serve truck users with a high sense of corporate social responsibility.

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